Romanian Branch setting-up

For the setting-up of a Romanian branch, we shall mainly need from you:
• Trade Registry excerpt issued by the Trade Registry where the mother-company is registered; the subject documents shall include the following information: (i) full identification data of the company (name, headquarters, fiscal number, number of registration with the Trade Registry), the current company’s structure (shareholders – identification data), board of directors’ structure; (ii) valid existence of and that is not in liquidation or insolvency process; (iii) the value of the share capital; (iv) main and secondary objects of activity.
• Resolution of the mother-company`s Board of Directors/Sole Shareholder/General Meeting, about the branch setting-up – we shall provide you a draft for this;
• Accountancy documents – the last balance-sheet of the mother company, audited and published in conformity with the applicable legislation;
• Articles of association of the mother company;
• Sworn affidavits and signature specimens – we shall provide the necessary drafts;
• The proof of headquarters – lease agreement, free lease agreement or any other document attesting the headquarters of the branch – we shall provide the necessary draft; Note: for the first year, the headquarter of the Branch could be settled at our law firm office.

You can leave the rest on our shoulders; once we have collected the necessary information from you, we shall need around 5 days to finalise the rest of the needed documentation for the branch setting-up.