Licenses and Permits - Good to Know

• A company holding an EU electricity supply license, natural gas supply license, electricity trading license can request the Romanian Energy Regulator to recognize it via a simplified procedure and may carry on activities on the Romanian energy market based on said license; such undertaking might also choose to directly acquire the license issued by the Romanian Energy regulator;

• For acquiring the Romanian electricity and/or natural supply/trading license, EU based entities are not required to open a Romanian secondary office;

• The non-EU undertakings may apply for electricity/natural gas supply license in Romania, provided one previously opened a secondary office in Romania, for the entire duration of the license.

• The holder of the electricity supply license cannot hold simultaneously a license for trader`s activity, the rights specific to the trader activity being included in the license for electricity supply; following the same rationale, the holder of a license for commercial exploitation of generation capacities, including also electricity and heat in cogeneration, cannot simultaneously hold a license for trader activity, but only a supply license;

• The licenses are issued by ANRE in about 30 days as of submission of the complete file;
The tariffs perceived by the Romanian Regulator for supply/trading license issuing is of about 600 Euro;

• The ANRE yearly contribution applied to license holders in electricity and natural gas field is 2% of the turnover obtained from the licensed Romanian activities, turnover determined as per the special rules settled by ANRE.